Why Branded Packaging Matters For Your Business In 2022

Undoubtedly, your company has put a lot of thought into the product. From design to production, you want to ensure that everything you sell looks good, functional, and makes your customers happy.

However, the buyer’s experience doesn’t end with the sale. Your brand has an excellent opportunity to show off its style with distinctive, bespoke packaging like gift card boxes.

This article outlines some great ways your business can benefit from uniquely branded boxes and mailers.

Consumers Get A State-Of-The-Art Experience.

First, there is a phenomenon that everyone is familiar with: the unboxing boom. Potential e-commerce shoppers always do a lot of research and read reviews before buying anything. Still, with the emergence and dominance of unboxing videos on YouTube, they can now experience receiving a product in real-time.

As the genre’s name suggests, it’s not about price and product. Instead, the focus is on the packaging solution. Moreover, the VCR and reaction to the purchase explain all the considerations surrounding it.

This personalized content is more natural and believable than advertisements to viewers that the manufacturers themselves create.

While many of these millions of viewers want to relive their favorite creators, a significant portion is also doing digital window shopping. Especially after the pandemic, shoppers often cannot pick up, measure, evaluate, and pull the trigger to buy.

Instead, shoppers worldwide research the internet and rely on this video to understand what they will receive. The packaging is eye-catching enough to impress even those who have no intention of buying it themselves, let alone those who are looking at it.

Branded packaging that is recognizable at a glance offers your business many opportunities to achieve good results in no time. If you’re confident that luxury candle packaging boxes will impress the creators and your audience, you can sponsor videos or partners to get your brand in front of thousands (or millions) of new eyes.

Branded Packaging Enhances The Experience.

Just because a customer decides to buy a product and completes it, the transaction doesn’t mean the shopping experience is complete. If they receive their purchases in a high-quality printed box, your company cares about your customers and provides them with a thoughtful and consistent experience, not just delivering money.

Packaging fees are part of the deal but are usually not billed separately to customers. A simple, sturdy box can feel like a gift when purchased, especially if it can be opened and closed without functional damage. Even if you don’t go that far, the stylish protection of your product will be appreciated by buyers.

The company can print high-resolution, personalized graphics on each side of the mailbox for instant recognition when mail is received. Customers can go right back to their shopping experience at your business without having to double-check shipping labels or ignore simple box shapes.

Branded Packaging To Impress Your Business

It brings us to the next question. Unfortunately, most packaging is dull. Every post office should have white, brown, and manila paper. You can achieve so much more with a touch of color to draw attention away from unbranded packaging.

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Use Branded Packaging To Emphasize Your Brand Image.

The human eye is almost immediately drawn to color and processed by shape. Thanks to Reese’s signature orange color, it’s not hard to tell that a box of candy is a peanut butter cup, even if you only see a tiny corner.

Branded packaging with bold colors helps excited customers discover the delivery from afar. These accents reinforce the brand identity.

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