1. What is WEAVER GAME?

Crossword games like Wordle, Dordle, and Word Hurdle are similar to WEAVER GAME which was created in 1877 by Lewis Carroll. It swiftly spread worldwide and people of all ages really enjoyed it due to its enjoyable gameplay. 

In order to change one word into another that is similar, players must change one letter in each guess with an acceptable term. The word list for the word weaver game must contain every word being tested.

This game requires players to think quickly to have correct answers. Therefore, this game not only helps you kill time but also trains your brain and your sharp thinking ability. Currently, you can play this game on the online platform. 

  1. How to play WEAVER GAME?

The object of the game is to “weave” your way from the first word to the second once the player is given two words. For example, the start word on July 20th, 2022 is “Gold” and the bottom word is “Dust”.

This could be done by altering one letter in the bottom word, making the optimal words four, but this may not be the case for all Weaver puzzles. You must continue to change one letter in each succeeding word in order to reach the finished word.


  • In any word, green if it appears (right letter, right spot)


  • If any term has the color yellow, it appears (wrong letter, wrong spot)


  • Gray if it doesn’t appear in either word.
  1. Tips for you to overcome 

Sometimes, the puzzle is too difficult that players can not figure out how to solve the crossword, don’t worry because here are some tips to help you overcome it!


Players can solve crosswords from the bottom to the top. You can use paper to link the words together, so it may be easier to solve.


Or if you still can not solve it, look for hints and suggestions online. But be careful not to overdo it as it can cause the game’s interest to decrease. Just use the hints to find the next word and accomplish the game.

  1. Advantages of WEAVER GAME

Weaver Game is a crossword game, as I’ve already explained, therefore it’s good for your brain. Your capacity for thought can be quickly improved. Additionally, by considerably increasing your vocabulary, you can practice vocabulary memorization in particular and enhance your memory in general.

Do not, however, play this game for an excessive amount of time by being additive. Even if you are unable to defeat WEAVER GAME, remain at ease.


  1. How to play WEAVER GAME better?

The player can improve their ability to play games, just like everything else. By finding strategies to expand your vocabulary, you can undoubtedly play more effectively.

5.1. Reading books.

Having a strong vocabulary will help you in Weaver. On the other hand, the act of playing Word Ladder itself can serve as a fantastic warm-up to increase and streamline your vocabulary. A book isn’t just a list of words; it’s a collection of sentences. As a result, they are more effectively fixed in memory, creating solid associations between various words.

5.2. Using dictionaries.

Instead of hiring a translation, this could be more helpful. After all, you may see instances of phrases utilizing a term when you look it up in a dictionary. These examples can help you learn new terms. Additionally, you can discover more about the word’s etymology and origin. Thus, you will learn more facts in addition to the word itself.

 5.3. Use more words in daily life. 

Try incorporating all of the terms you have recently learned into your daily vocabulary if you want to expand your vocabulary and reinforce the phrases you have already mastered. This is especially helpful while studying foreign languages since you may start utilizing more sophisticated phrases that enrich your native tongue instead of the simple, primitive one.

  1. Conclusion

Word games are a well-known subgenre of gaming, but only Weaver Game can provide titles with unique gameplay. After a long day at work, this game not only helps you unwind and relax but also sharpens your memory—especially your vocabulary. Children of all ages like playing it as a result. With unique gameplay and a simple but appealing design, it will surely be a game that you cannot ignore.


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