Types of CD DVD Storage Packaging

CD DVD Storage Packaging can come in many forms and can be designed to be very specific to your needs. From a simple jewel case to a high-end corrugated box, there is a CD DVD storage box for every need. There are many different types of CD DVD Storage packaging available, so choosing the right one can make all the difference in your final purchase. Read on to learn about the different types of CD DVD storage packaging and which one will best suit your specific needs.

Custom printed CD DVD storage boxes

When you’re looking for a great way to keep your discs safe, custom-printed CD DVD storage boxes are a great choice. You can even add handles to keep your discs safe while also giving them a stylish look. Whatever your personal or business needs, custom boxes are a great way to promote your business. Whatever the reason, you’re sure to find one that works well for you.

In addition to CDs and DVDs, CD/DVD storage boxes are also great for storing books, magazines, and other types of discs. You can find boxes that fit magazines, small-sized books, and even diaries. Modern color technology can make your packaging boxes even more appealing. Whether you’re looking for a standard or custom printed CD/DVD storage box, KayPackaging is a great choice.

CD DVD storage Packaging

Jewel case

The Philips jewel case was a breakthrough in packaging for CDs and DVDs, a term that describes both the design and appearance of the case. CD packaging was initially a struggle, with a variety of unsatisfactory solutions. In response, designer Peter Doodson came up with a solution and dubbed it the “jewel case” for its polished ribs, which reflected light and captured its shine.

The main advantage of the jewel case is that it protects CDs and DVDs from damage and breakage during shipping. A simple paper or polymer sleeve will do the job, but a proper album will offer more protection. It also has a handy handle, which is an added bonus for people who don’t like to carry around their storage cases. The advantages of using a jewel case for CD and DVD storage are well-documented.

Paper sleeve

Besides plastic cases, a paper sleeve is also a good option for storing CDs and DVDs. These sleeves have a window made of plastic that can let you see the disc so that you can easily identify it before you open it. They come in different colors and are slim, and are great for DJs or personal CD collections. In addition, the sleeve is very easy to store and organize.

The only disadvantage of storing CDs and DVDs in a sleeve is the possibility of disc surface contamination. Normally, this contamination is caused by debris that comes off the sleeve, but paper sleeves are especially vulnerable to this problem. Fingerprints and dust in the environment can also affect the quality of the disc surface.

Corrugated box

The best way to store and transport your CDs is to invest in a good quality CD/DVD storage box. These boxes come flat-packed and are easy to assemble. Next-day delivery is standard, and they are ideal for professional removal companies. The interior dimensions of this box are 11 1/4″ x 5 1/4″.

DVDs are fragile, so choosing the right type of corrugated box is essential. CD and DVD storage boxes are made of high-quality materials and are widely used in offices, production houses, and TV channels. They have separate and hinged lids for protection and are designed for easy assembly and transportation. Whether you’re shipping or storing your CDs and DVDs, a high-quality storage box will prevent damage and prolong their life.

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