The 5 Things You Should Consider When Hiring An End of Lease Cleaning Company

A whopping 13 billion USD industry is built around cleaning services in Australia. End of lease cleaning companies make up a large portion of this amount. Move out cleaning or end of lease cleaning involves a deep and thorough clean of your rented house after you move out. Since it is a deep clean, it is better to delegate it to a professional cleaning company.

End of lease cleaning in Melbourne and other big cities in Australia is always in demand. It is for this reason that there are a lot of companies fighting to grab the top spot here. Melbourne end of lease cleaning companies, therefore, offer a lot of additional features and it is easy to get a good quality of service.

However, there are downsides to this. Hiring end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne etc. are so much in demand that there are overly discounted companies as well. There is always a catch here though. Either they compromise with their quality of service or they add additional charges later on in the process when you are already tied up with them

It is, therefore, crucial to stay smart and consider your options before you hire a company. Here are 7 factors that can help you hire a good end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne.

5 factors that make a good end of lease cleaning company

Let us take it one by one. Bond back cleaning has to be good otherwise you will miss out on some portion of your security deposit. Follow these steps and get the ebay bond cleaning companies in the area.

Pay attention to referrals and recommendations

The service sector is heavily dependent on their quality of service for their marketing and brand  awareness. If the service is poor and the cleaning is not up to the mark, people give bad reviews and the business suffers a lot. You, as a customer, can use this as an advantage though. Ask people about the best end of lease cleaning companies and what their experience was working with them. You can also talk to your family or friends if they have moved recently and have hired cleaning services for their bond cleaning.

Jump online and read reviews

What you can do offline, you can do better online. Google reviews is the ebay place to start your search for a good move out cleaning company near you. Read online reviews because they are honest and transparent. You also get an idea about the pricing, the quality of services, the variety of services, how to deal with unprecedented situations, etc. This first hand insight into how to get the best bond back cleaning company can really help you get the best service possible.


The cleaning cost is an important factor. It might even be the primary factor if you are on a tight budget. The best thing to do here is to get a lot of estimates from different companies and compare them. Use your budget as a threshold and a criteria to choose the company that suits you. Of course, you should factor in the other parameters as well.

The cheapest option is not the best option though. As aforementioned, overly cheap companies often have a catch. Avoid these and choose the company that offers industry standard pricing and a wide range of cleaning services.

Finally, an important thing to consider when we speak about pricing is its dynamic nature. These prices often change with the demand and you should always consider this before you sign the final contract. The end of lease cleaning company is naturally closely connected to the removalists industry. Both these are high in demand during the holidays and on the weekends. If you have time during your weekdays, you can get better pricing. Also, you can book better companies if you book them during the off-season and in advance.

Terms offered by the cleaning company

Read the contract terms carefully and ask any questions in advance. You might end up paying for services you did not avail or may get tricked into paying more than you should. It is better to have a clear idea about the terms and conditions in your contract. You might want to show this contract to others as well and get genuine advice from people who have recently moved and hired a bond cleaning company.

Customer service

Finally, the mark of a good service company is their customer support. Look for a company whose customer service staff is helpful and resolves your queries quickly. You can find this out by reading online reviews and talking to people you know. A good customer support will allow you to have a pleasant experience working with the cleaners.


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