Sports Injury Treatment Snowboarding Injuries by dr jordan Sudberg

Dr jordan Sudberg said benefits of chiropractic treatment, including whiplash therapy, helps heal by the alignment of a patient’s muscles and bones correctly. Numerous chiropractors also provide drug-free physical rehabilitation and remedies for pain, including heat. The cold therapies, braces, relaxation therapies, ultrasound treatments, and training and strengthening exercises.

Typical injuries that can result from skiing or snowboarding accidents, alternative chiropractic treatment options.


The injury that happens if your head gets pull in one direction and swung in the opposite direction is call whiplash.

It is common in auto accidents. However, it is also a possibility when snowboarding or skiing. The result can torn ligaments and muscles in your neck to your nerves.

Since each person is affected by whiplash differently, Chiropractic care begins by assessing the injury to allow your customized healing plan to design.

Based upon your plan for healing, techniques like massage and stimulation of the muscles and exercises for stabilization that are appropriate such as spinal manipulation and ergonomic training, are used to help with your treatment for whiplash. The treatment for whiplash includes adjustments to the neck. It occurs when a chiropractor gently moves your joint towards the area of stiffness in the shoulders and neck (a reasonably painless procedure).

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is dislocated. When your humerus bone, located on the uppermost point of your arm, is pulled or pushed out of the socket on your arm’s shoulder, you’ve dislocated your shoulder.

The consequence of this injury is damage to cartilage or ligaments and inflammation of muscles that leads to limited flexibility and strength of your arm.

dr jordan Sudberg sports injury treatment for this kind of injury. To ease discomfort and pressure on your shoulder, treatment with chiropractic for shoulder dislocation involves manipulating your spine and adjusting your vertebrae.

Separation of the shoulder. Usually resulting from being thrown directly onto your shoulder, the injury can cause by damage to the joint that holds your collarbone shoulder blade.

Utilizing a sling to ensure that you can hold the arm’s load is less painful is a part of chiropractic treatment. Applying ice or heat, ultrasound muscle stimulation, strengthening exercises, and gentle manipulation of the shoulder and spine are also part of the chiropractic treatment for the type of injury.

Rotator cuff injuries. A rotator cuff comprises four muscles in the shoulder which control stability and motion and is susceptible to damage by falling. At the same time, arms are stretch out or receive a blow directly.

Knee injury. Prevalent injuries for snowboarders and skiers are within their knees.

When inflammation and pain are under control, chiropractic treatments, including massages of soft tissue, mobilization techniques, and manipulation of the affect region and joints around it, are apply. Your chiropractor might even suggest that you participate in leg exercises to help you gain strength and stability down the road.

The Main Causes Of Shoulder Pain

The shoulder joint comprises various soft tissues and bones that complicate it. Dr, jordan Sudberg injuries to the shoulder could cause significant problems, particularly with treatment. Therefore, if you’re experiencing acute pain around your shoulder area, you need to seek assistance from a pain management doctor.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

As with pain in other areas of our body, the shoulder can be due to various issues, including excessive use, tendon tears, osteoarthritis, dislocated shoulder, and frozen shoulder.


While performing daily activities, the shoulder joint is constantly operating, and over time, these repeated actions can result in tightening. If this occurs for a prolonged period, the tendon can degrade and cause tendinosis. The patient will feel a lot of pain while performing any shoulder movement.

The shoulder is dislocated.

Another leading cause of shoulder discomfort can be dislocation, in which the bone on the upper arm can fall. It can happen in the aftermath of car accidents, falls, or sports. It may cause the arm to appear disfigured appearance and cause an increase in numbness. Address this issue, pain management specialists offer a sedative taking the bone that has dislocate back in its place.

Tendon Tears

Tendons regulate the rotation of the shoulder. When individuals engage in tasks that require performing the same task frequently, the joint can damage. If not treated, the person may feel enough pain to awake late at night. Although sports activities may cause tendon tears, this issue is most often experience by individuals as they age.


Instances, the cartilage that covers the shoulder joints and cause lots of discomfort and pain in the shoulder joint. In most cases, the condition is see in people older than 50. However, it could be a consequence of trauma. In addition to becoming weak and stiff, the joint can swell too. While osteoarthritis can’t manage, a variety of remedies are available by a pain-management doctor to alleviate pain.


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