Is Freshworks the Right Customer Engagement Platform For Your Business?

Freshworks is a cloud-based customer engagement platform. It offers AI-based lead scoring and integrates with Office365 and Google calendars. It also offers mobile apps. Is Freshworks the right platform for your business? Read on to learn more about this cloud-based customer engagement platform. We’ll cover its features, including its mobile app, integration with Office365 and Google calendars, and its AI-based lead scoring.

Freshworks is a cloud-based customer engagement platform

Freshworks provides a suite of cloud-based customer engagement solutions that help organizations communicate and engage with customers across channels. The Freshdesk customer support helpdesk, Freshservice ITSM platform, and Freshsales sales CRM software help companies manage customer interactions. Other Freshworks products include Freshchat customer messaging software, Freshteam applicant tracking software, and Freshmarketer conversion optimization suite. Freshworks is a California-based company with offices in Australia and India.

Freshworks is an excellent cloud-based customer engagement platform for companies of all sizes. Its suite of software includes products for customer support and customer engagement, marketing, and HR. Freshworks’ AI-powered platform makes customer data management easy and modern. The platform also features an app marketplace that allows business owners to easily integrate third-party apps with Freshworks.

Freshworks offers three paid plans. The Pro and Enterprise plans have more features than the basic plan. However, there are limitations to some of the features. The Enterprise plan offers inbound and outbound VoIP phone service. Freshworks also offers a range of support options to make sure that customers are getting the best possible service.

The Freshworks crm platform provides many useful features, including predictive contact scoring and automated sales productivity tools. It also offers customizable reports, event tracking, and a visual sales pipeline. Freshworks also includes a chat service for customer engagement.

It offers a mobile app

Freshworks offers a mobile app for its customers, which makes it easier to manage their sales on the go. Its AI-powered tools can be used to improve the customer experience by incorporating past data on sales, activities, and engagement. The mobile app also helps you stay connected with your sales team while on the go.

Freshworks CRM software also includes built-in cloud-based phone systems and features, including voicemail and call recording. It also offers phone numbers in 90 countries, so you can send and receive calls from any device. It also tracks call metrics and provides insight into audience behavior. The platform also helps you create high-performing campaigns based on audience behavior.

Freshworks CRM features a host of sales productivity tools and features, including an auto-profile enrichment bot and built-in chat and phone solutions. In addition to these features, it has a robust AI-powered predictive contact scoring feature that prioritizes your contacts and recommends the next best action. Additionally, Freshworks CRM comes with API access and can be used with popular business applications.

Freshsales also has a mobile app, which can help you stay organized and improve your productivity. Using the app makes it easy to manage appointments, add contacts, and update records. Moreover, you can also scan documents, upload them to the CRM, or add them to a task. This app also lets you manage unread emails and other interactions with your customers.

It integrates with Google and Office365 calendars

The Freshworks CRM system is a robust task management tool that lets you input and manage contacts, leads, and opportunities. And it even works on Apple devices.

Freshworks has built-in support for Google Calendar, so you can import contacts and calendars from those services. The system also syncs with your Gmail account. When a customer requests support, they can also easily forward tickets to Freshworks agents’ Outlook or Gmail accounts.

It offers AI-based lead scoring

AI-based lead scoring helps sales teams prioritize leads, increase conversions and close more deals. Freshworks CRM has powerful features like AI-based lead scoring, built-in email and phone, and automated processes to keep sales reps focused on the right leads. The Freshworks CRM also includes sales campaigns and an intuitive GUI to move deals between stages and mark them as won.

AI-based lead scoring improves sales teams’ performance and profitability by helping them understand the behavior of customers and identify positive and negative buying signals. The AI-based scoring features also enable teams to identify customer behavior and learn from interactions. AI-based lead scoring can also help sales teams reduce labor costs and improve customer satisfaction.

AI-based lead scoring can help sales teams develop relationships with prospects by surfacing upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Aligning sales and marketing teams can be difficult, especially when there’s a lack of collaboration and communication between the two departments. But CRM with AI can help organizations bridge the gap between these two poles, making them agile and able to make quick recommendations on how to convert leads.

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