How to save money on apartment move?

How to save money on apartment moving?

In this article we will consider the most common situations where the services of a moving company, whose main specialization – cargo transportation, namely the effective ways to save money when using them.


Assessing the scale of the move

  1. Estimating the extent of the move

Determining the volume of things you will take with you to the apartment, you can not only significantly save money, but also simplify your life. Many movers in Vancouver that have gained popularity and a good reputation among the audience, offer the service manager, who comes to the customer in order to study the amount of cargo. Thus, we select the best option of the vehicle.


  1. To a new life without old memories

By reducing the number of items and facilitating the moving process itself, you can get rid of old and unnecessary things. For example, there is no need to drag along an old couch, which will soon be thrown away anyway. And the old children’s clothes and toys can be given to relatives, friends and neighbours, whose kids are growing up. As a consequence, the transportation of goods will become less time consuming and expensive, allowing you to save your own nerves.


  1. Avoiding costly services

Professional moving companies in Vancouver offer a wide range of services designed to facilitate such a task as moving an office or apartment. For example, you can safely refuse to disassemble and assemble furniture, packing your own things, if you are confident in your abilities. Meanwhile, in the absence of skills, it is better not to risk the integrity of the property and trust the work to professionals.


  1. Time is money

When ordering the loading service you should not save on the number of people. Two or three people can not cope with the large volume of items in a short time, and then the process will be significantly delayed. Thus, there is a possibility of overpaying for the downtime of the truck, so saving enough money will not work.


  1. Total savings – not a panacea

It is not necessary to save on absolutely everything, because in this way you put an end to your health and yourself. Trust the professionals – trust us.


I&T Excellent Movers
North Shore Movers

Who are the modern movers?


Today’s movers are not just physically tough guys. To perform their professional duties, they must have an enormous amount of theoretical knowledge backed up by practical skills, be smart, have a good knowledge of modern technology, be able to quickly navigate and act according to the circumstances and have a high level of communication – after all, they are the face of their company and form its reputation.


Do you think this is an exaggeration? Of course, it is difficult to immediately abandon the attitude to the movers so long formed. But just look at the list of services that offers its customers each self-respecting moving company and think about according to this, what is required from the loader:


Moving (apartment or office) – you need to be able to disassemble / assemble / pack / load / secure in the body of the furniture, fragile and fragile items (chandeliers, mirrors). Household appliances deserve special attention – only the dismantling, packing, and installation of air conditioners! And then there are the refrigerators, TVs (and not just boxes, and panels), microwave ovens, and more. And all this loader must be able to disassemble, pack, then assemble and arrange in a new place in places, with the indispensable condition – to work!

Specialized moving: industrial moving, transportation of concert equipment and musical instruments, bank equipment. Here you need to know how to operate modern handling equipment, know the subtleties of transporting safes, terminals, machines, pianos, and more. After all, for the safety of this valuable and very vulnerable cargo is the responsibility of the moving company.

Storage work: to perform this item in the list of services of the moving company in Vancouver, the loader must also understand the peculiarities of warehousing – sort, pack, label the product, and if necessary, carry out distribution to retail outlets – also perform the functions of the freight forwarder.


Thus, the modern loader – it is a qualified specialist and the name “handyman” is clearly outdated and does not correspond to the requirements that time imposes on people of this profession.


How much can the services of a moving company cost?


If you are faced with a move – the first thought that comes to mind – whether to organize the move yourself or use the services of a moving company? 100 friends and one truck or a team of professionals?

How much do movers cost in Vancouver?


Today we’re going to help you figure it out!

The organization of any relocation process is the most difficult thing possible.

It takes a lot of time and effort. But why? You can make just one call and all your wishes will be satisfied! Do not believe? Then you should definitely come to us!

First of all, the price depends on the amount of work. Our movers in vancouver provide a wide range of services on a turnkey basis, so you will not have to worry about anything.

Second, the length and distance of the move. It can be a local move or a long distance move. Attention, we do both!

Third, do you need to pack/unpack or disassemble/assemble furniture? Perhaps you just need to move things from one location to another.

Each project carried out by our best movers in vancouver bc is absolutely individual. We take into account the wishes of each client and we especially appreciate it! You should not skimp on professional trucking services when choosing a company, because it can lead to negative consequences. Do not trust carriers who refuse to sign a contract, because the leverage to bring such a firm to justice disappears. It is better to choose an agency that values its reputation. And we are just such! We are always open to you!

2.Office Moving Company in Canada –

Professional carriers No1 Excellent Movers, will help you with the relocation of the office ⚡ Thanks to our clear plan, careful attitude to your belongings, the relocation will go unnoticed.


Office Moving Company

Finally a move! A new office, a new place of strength and inspiration, a place of new ideas and accomplishments! How many interesting things are ahead of you, but in the meantime… In the meantime, we have to deal with the office moving process itself. Moving can be particularly intimidating, because you don’t want to interrupt the work process. Lots of papers, equipment, important items, and nothing can be missed – how do you make sure everything goes smoothly? We know the way out!


Why You Should Choose Our Office Moving Company


Our team of professionals has incredible experience in office relocations. We have made more than 100 such moving office and all our clients have been satisfied. We know how to move successfully, investing a minimum of time and money in its organization. Our office moving company will professionally carry out office relocation in the shortest possible time, saving your time and money.


Stages of Office Moving


1) consultation with our manager (we discuss all the details)

2) arrival of assemblers with packing material;

3) disassembly, packing of furniture;

4) stuff loading

5) transportation;

6) unloading at the new location;

7) unpacking, assembling furniture;

8) placing the furniture, equipment in the places you specify;


All of our employees are required to remove packing materials and leave a clean office.


Planning your office move

Planning is our best friend. It is better to find a special office moving services in advance, since moving to a new office requires special attention and effort. If you are not going to contact any company, and you think to do it yourself – make a checklist of what you need to do, what to collect and who will help with the transportation.

Disassembly of furniture

Bulky furniture will be disassembled into its component parts, which will be numbered. Furniture disassembly provides faster work of the movers and saves space in the back of the car. After the packing work, loading takes place. The items being transported are secured with cargo straps that hold the office belongings in place while they are being transported to the new office.

Pack and label

Properly packing furniture and appliances is one of the most important and delicate parts of any move. Know that moving can be considered successful if the packing is prepared in advance. For direct transportation of office furniture, we strongly recommend timely purchase of reliable packaging. But this is in the case if you are



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