How to draw a scientist

Throughout history, humanity has accomplished incredible feats in many fields, such as architecture, agriculture, medicine, and other practices. These achievements would not have been possible without the brilliant minds of countless men and women who devoted their talents to scientific discoveries and innovations. Scientists are also featured in many forms of storytelling and media, often attracting public attention.

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 Drawing  A Scientist

Step 1

To start this guide on how to draw a scientist, we’ll start with his head. It will be a detailed drawing, so if you find it scary, you can draw with your pencil before going over it with a pen later. With that in mind, we’ll start sketching his head. He will wear protection glasses to shield his eyes from any chemicals or substances he works with.First, you can draw his face and head, then draw the glasses we mentioned. Once done, you can draw her hair on top of her head and attach her ears and neck.

Step 2

We’ll add a lot to your science drawing in this step! First, we’ll focus on her face. Start by drawing his eyes behind his glasses. Next, we’ll use simple line art to add creases to her nose, mouth, and cheeks. The facial expression that we imagine makes him so proud of himself!Next, we will draw his chest and start his arms. First, add a collar to the base of his neck, then you can tug on his tie. You can then raise the collar of his jacket and fold his shoulders. Finally, we’ll use curved lines to start her arms.

Step 3

Now that you have started the arms, he has crossed his chest, and you can now finish them in this step of our guide on how to draw a scientist. Using the reference photo as a guide, cross the left arm to the other side, then pull the other arm inward.To the right of his folded arms, you can draw a pocket with pens and pencils, because scientists have to take many notes! Once you have developed all these aspects, you are ready for step 4.

Step 4

It’s almost time to get into the final details, but first, we need to finish sketching your draw as a scientist. You can do this by ending the arm sleeve on the right side. Like the others, this sleeve will have a few buttons. Next, we’ll pull her waist down her arms, and you can also add buttons.

Step 5

You’ve now finished most of the drawing, but in this step of our guide to draw a scientist, we’ll complete with some final details. Scientists in all fields have to deal with many mathematical equations and theories, so we thought this would be a fun subject for a photo background.

We have drawn math symbols and equations in the background; you can copy them as they seem to follow the same theme. If you prefer a more solid background, you can create a layout for it. Maybe he’s in a lab surrounded by flasks and chemicals, or perhaps he’s building an awesome robot! These are just a few ideas, so should you follow our journey or create your unique style?


Step 6

We’ll end with some cool colors for the last part of your science drawing. Our reference image uses a predominantly blue color scheme for her clothing and eyewear. To add a splash of warm color, we dyed his tie red. These are the colors we chose for our image, but these are just suggestions of what you can use!

This is your design, so you can add any colors you want instead. The choice of colors is the first step, then all that remains is to choose the artistic medium you will use to achieve them. You can use acrylic paint or colored markers for a more intense look. Watercolors and colored pencils will work best for a more subdued look.


Three more additional tips for draw a scientist

  • Create some arty chemistry as we make this easy to draw a scientist!
  • Sketch humans can be surprisingly hard, even for seasoned artists! Luckily, artists have also created many tricks to make it easier, and you can use these for this scientific drawing.
  • One item that artists will do will be to use a pencil to make basic shapes. So, you could sketch an oval for the face and rectangular shapes for the arms and chest.

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