How to Draw A Hammerhead Shark

How to Draw A Hammerhead Shark. There are many different species of sharks that roam the waters of our oceans. Some are tiny, huge and intimidating, with unique colours, traits, and personalities.

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There are many exciting sharks, but the hammerhead is perhaps the most unusual. With such a unique look, this shark has been featured in many artworks and images, and learning how to draw a hammerhead shark is a great way to create one yourself. If it sounds like something you want to do, then you should watch this tutorial through to the end!

How to Draw A Hammerhead Shark

Step 1

In this first step of our how-to-draw hammerhead shark guide, we’ll start with the shark’s most recognizable feature: its hammerhead-shaped head! The head of the hammerhead is in the shape of a boomerang. You can use a curved line for the front of the head and then add inwardly curved lines for the sides where the eyes would go. You can do your best to copy the lines in our reference image to make it look accurate! Once you’ve outlined the head, you can use a curved line that extends near the centre of the head and results in a sharp dorsal fin on the shark’s back. So we’ll move on to the shark body in the next step.

Step 2

The fins we will add to the hammerhead design in this step are called the pectoral fins. They are on the sides of the shark and help stabilize it as it slides through the water. Before we draw these pectoral fins, let’s add a curved line on the inside of the shark’s head, near the part on the right side of the head. Once that line is drawn, we’ll draw those pectoral fins that we discussed earlier. To do this, draw a curved line with a blunt tip on the shark’s body on the right side. Then we’ll add another fin on the left side of the shark. Because of the perspective, this fin appears much smaller than the other.

Step 3

In this third step of our how to draw a hammerhead shark guide, we will add a little more to the shark’s body. First, draw a small curved line that extends backwards under the dorsal fin at the tip of the shark. Then draw another longer curved line backwards close to the pectoral fin on the right side of the shark. As you approach the tail, these lines should taper further to slim the body.

Step 4

In this fourth step, we will complete the outline of your hammerhead shark. The tail will be pretty thin, and you can position it to look like it connects to the body part you drew in the previous step. The tail also has several small fins sticking out, as shown in the reference image. Before proceeding, add a few more small fins to the right side of the shark’s body. Once the pattern is complete, we can move on to some final details in the next step!

Step 5

In this step of our how-to-draw hammerhead shark guide, we’ll add details and finishing touches to your artwork. You can start by drawing a small eye at the end of the face on the side of the “hammer” part.

Draw A HammerHead Shark

Then you can add several small curved lines down the side of the body for the shark’s gills. Finally, add some curved lines in the shark’s body to define the shark further. If you want to customize this theme even more, you can do something fun like B. Draw a background image with fantastic sea creatures!

Step 6

It’s time to colour in your hammerhead shark drawing so we can finish it in style! In our reference image, we opted for a muted, more realistic colour scheme of light greys and blues to give the shark the finishing touch.

Hammerhead Shark Drawing You could use similar colours for your design, but this is your chance to show creativity! Hammerheads can come in various colours, but you could use more stylistic colours if you want a more vibrant image.

Your Hammerhead Shark Drawing is Finished!

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