How does bimatoprost eye drop work?

bimatoprost eye drop introductions

Bimatoprost is beside a group on drugs acknowledged as much prostamides (prostaglandin analogues).

It manufactory by increasing the natural glide regarding liquid out of inner your look into thy bloodstream. This lowers the pressure within you eye yet stops thine prospect getting worse.

bimatoprost eye drop

-Brand names: Eyreida, Lumigan, Sturiban

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  1. About bimatoprost
  2. Key facts
  3. Who be able or can’t utilizes bimatoprost
  4. How and when in imitation of uses bimatoprost
  5. Side results of bimatoprost
  6. How in imitation of cope with aspect effects regarding bimatoprost
  7. Pregnancy or breastfeeding
  8. Cautions together with lousy medicines
  9. Common questions touching bimatoprost
  1. About bimatoprost eye drop

Bimatoprost is a medicinal drug so treats excessive pressure into the attention (ocular hypertension) or helps together with glaucoma.

High pressure be able happen when even an awful lot liquid builds above inward thy eye. Bimatoprost eye drops helps to drain the fluid.

If now not treated, high stress perform damage your visible nerve yet cause imaginative and prescient break yet blindness.


Bimatoprost is accessible about command only.


Bimatoprost look drops arrive of bottles and single-dose droppers. Some bottled sight drops comprise a preservative (benzalkonium chloride), to maintain the attention drops sterile.


Some people intention keep prescribed bimatoprost look drops or timolol eye drops (a beta blocker). Combined merchandise on each drug treatments are recognized by means of the company names Eyzeetan or Ganfort.


  1. Key facts bimatoprost eye drop

  • Usually you utilizes bimatoprost sight drops as soon as a day.
  • The attention drops must assist to reduce the strain within you outlook inside four hours.
  • If that manufactory for you, you wish typically uses bimatoprost because the rest over you life.
  • It’s vital after usage thy remark drops often or in imitation of go for check-ups, to edit absolute thine imaginative and prescient is not getting worse.
  • Side consequences do consist of everlasting look colour change, crimson yet itchy eyelids, then a emotion that something’s within you eye.


  1. Who perform and cannot use bimatoprost

Bimatoprost sight drops may remain old by using adults aged 18 years then over.


Bimatoprost is no longer suitable because everyone. To edit secure it’s safe because you, inform you health practitioner earlier than starting bimatoprost if you:


  • have early and late had an allergic reaction according to bimatoprost and any vile medicine
  • are as regards to have and have had remark surgical treatment (including chapter surgery)
  • have uninteresting eyes
  • have some issues including your cornea (the obvious principal strata regarding your eye)
  • wear counsel lenses (you do nonetheless uses bimatoprost, however thou will need according to excerpt you counsel lenses earlier than the use of the drops)
  • have early and late had a viral contamination then irritation into thine eye
  • have liver or kidney problems
  • have mean blood pressure, and thine heart beats slower than ordinary (this is acknowledged namely bradycardia, who is a type regarding guts arrhythmia)
  • have somebody respiratory problems, certain so allergies then COPD
  • have an hypersensitive reaction after silver, namely Eyreida eye drops contain little amounts about silver

  1.  How and so to use bimatoprost

It’s essential after usage bitamoprost as you medical doctor has advised.



bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03 outlook drops take place among 2 strengths:


  • 1mg/ml, the place 1ml concerning softened contains 0.1mg of bimatoprost
  • 3mg/ml, the place 1ml over thin consists of 0.3mg of bimatoprost

Your doctor choice determine who electricity is right because you.


The ordinary dose is 1 decline between the affected eye and eyes once a day. It’s good in conformity with function that of the night as bimatoprost workshop better then.


It comes as like a flask yet a field on single-use droppers. Always read the instructions so much come together with thy medicine.


How according to utilizes outlook drops

If thou wear counsel lenses, perform sure thou excerpt to them earlier than the use of you look drops. Wait 15 minutes before placing you lenses back in.


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