How do you make chicken batter without flour

Have you ever looked at your chicken and thought, “Why is flour in the chicken batter? And, how do you make flour if there’s no flour?” Have you ever noticed that the flourless chicken recipes you find online call for corn starch? Well, I’m here to set the record straight: there is no substitute for flour in the chicken batter. However, cornstarch can be used in its place. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a chicken batter made from?

When the frying chicken, the batter you use makes a big difference in whether the meat is light and fluffy or heavy and greasy. The batter for fried chicken is made from flour, but there is no flour in the gluten-free or fat-free batter.

Instead, gluten- and fat-free batters are made from starches, ground meat, and spices. When the batter is made from starch, the starch is mixed with water to form a slurry. The slurry is then combined with other ingredients, like spices, to form a batter that can be applied to the chicken.

Why chicken batter is made from flour?

Take the basic batter ingredients above; add them to a large mixing bowl. These are whisked thoroughly, and the mixture is poured into a shallow dish.

The second step is to make thin, even strips. For this, flour is sprinkled over the chicken strips and is shaped into thin strips.

To keep the batter from getting too lumpy, add butter, a mixture of water and ice cubes, or an egg. These ingredients should be whisked until smooth, and the resulting mixture should be poured into a shallow dish.

The third step is to coat the chicken. The flour strips are lifted and dipped into the batter mixture for coating.

Finally, the chicken is fried in oil. The chicken strips are placed into the oil, which is heated to a temperature of moderate heat. Fried chicken strips are ready to enjoy it!

Benefits of making chicken batter without flour

There’s always a lot of talk about how it’s healthier and better for you to eat your chicken and vegetables without all that extra flour. But it turns out that flour is used in batter for a reason. It gives a batter its consistency and taste and makes it a little less greasy when you dip your chicken in the batter. Instead of flour, you use an egg or a mixture of an egg and mayonnaise. That’s what makes it thicker and gives it more of a crust.

If you’ve never tried to make a chicken without flour, here’s how to do it: You’ll need:

1. Eggs.
2. Canola oil.
3. Chicken, potatoes, and/or vegetables to put in the fryer.
4. Salt and Pepper.
5. 3-4 pounds cut chicken wings


Making homemade chicken batter without flour is easy. When making a batter with flour, we use hot liquid to dissolve the flour, which makes a thick batter. When we don’t add flour, the hot liquid and other ingredients don’t combine to make a thick batter. It’s just the opposite: the hot liquid evaporates, and you end up with a thick batter. Handling thinned-out batter is one of the biggest problems with making a batter without flour. The batter is too thin, so you can’t use it.

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