ChiroTouch EMR Software and Its Features!

Chirotouch is an EMR/EHR designed specifically for small to mid-sized chiropractic practices. It offers all the standard EHR features but also features tailored to the needs of chiropractors, such as dynamic SOAP notes and image management. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even for the most inexperienced computer user. The company also offers excellent customer service. Chiropractic practitioner and Chirotouch user Dr. Brooke Preston, MD, has been using the system for five years and can attest to its great performance.

DrChrono is a fully integrated chiropractic practice management, EHR, and medical billing software:

DrChrono’s EHR, billing, and practice management software combine features that are crucial to the success of a chiropractic practice. It offers customizable solutions for all types of health organizations and can integrate with third-party labs. It is HIPAA-certified to secure sensitive patient information and meets meaningful use standards.

It features a patient portal, which makes it easier to communicate with your patients. Patients can easily check-in and complete forms before their appointment, reducing the number of no-shows. It also includes a practice chat feature that allows doctors to chat with each other and share patient information. The software also provides a comprehensive library of chiropractic templates for all techniques and formats. It also allows doctors to store prior evaluations and videos.

DrChrono’s EHR and practice management software combines administrative features to streamline and optimize your practice’s efficiency. With specialized chiropractic content and support from a leading software provider, DrChrono helps chiropractors increase productivity.

It streamlines the patient check-in process:

Whether you’re managing multiple offices or only one, ChiroTouch EMR software streamlines the check-in process and provides an array of benefits. For example, ChiroTouch’s self-check-in feature allows patients to check in themselves using a fingerprint scanner or barcode scanner. This feature allows for faster documentation and helps you increase your patient volume. Furthermore, you can print out all of your patient information and documents, which is extremely useful when preparing narrative reports for personal injury cases.

ChiroTouch’s online help is a great resource for finding answers to your questions. You can access it at any time by browsing the help section or searching for a specific topic. The help center also offers documentation and webinars to guide you through the installation, setup, and training process. If you have technical questions, you can submit a ticket by email.

CTSign-In eliminates the need for staff to manually enter information into the SOAP note. CTSign-In also saves front desk staff time by allowing them to sign patients without speaking with the front desk staff. It also allows patients to use magnetic stripe cards on future visits. In addition, PIN sign-ins allow patients to enter their Personal Identification Number on a touchscreen. Barcode sign-ins are also convenient, requiring patients to scan their keychain or scan it using a barcode.

It uses point-and-click anatomical diagrams:

Chiropractors can greatly reduce documentation time by using EMR software with point-and-click anatomical diagram technology. This software allows you to create a comprehensive patient record in just a few minutes and can help you improve patient care by reducing your documentation time by more than 35%. It also provides integration with medical devices, including X-ray radiography and computerized muscle testing. This means that you can import patient data and images into your EMR and analyze them for further treatment.

Chirotouch EMR software also has several features that are specific to chiropractic services. Many of the best packages have diagnostic tools, process descriptions, highly customizable SOAP notes, and customized reports for your facility. You can also store images and patient reports with many of the best EMRs.

Another unique feature of ChiroTouch EMR software is its scheduling module. It offers accurate and detailed scheduling, and even supports multiple room and provider scheduling. Additionally, it e-mails patients about upcoming appointments. ChiroTouch also offers an integrated suite that integrates with billing software.

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It is HIPAA compliant:

ChiroTouch EMR software is HIPAA-compliant, meaning that the software complies with all of the HIPAA standards. It also provides tools to track claims and process payments electronically. This helps streamline the billing process by saving client payment information. In addition, it offers mobile applications that enable patients to pay their bills on the go.

ChiroTouch’s software has been designed for small to mid-sized chiropractic practices and currently serves over 21,000 practitioners in the US. The software makes it easy for chiropractors to streamline patient care by allowing them to create patient accounts, set appointments, fill out intake forms, and receive appointment reminders and other relevant information.

Other features include scheduling, billing, and coding updates. The software can also perform claims scrubbing and verify insurance eligibility. Other features include a patient portal and an alert system.

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