1. The plot of AMONG US

Among Us, is an interesting game with strange gameplay. In the game, you will play as a member of a crew on a spaceship along with other members.


On this ship, there will be one or more other players acting as crew member impersonators. This impostor will sabotage the ship and kill all other upright players.


Your mission and the other righteous astronauts will be to find the impostor before he can kill everyone and destroy the ship. Once someone dies, all members will gather and vote to kick the impostor off the ship.

  1. How to play AMONG US?

The room will be divided into two factions: Impostors and Crewmates. The impostor will be chosen at random, if you see your name in red it means you are an impostor. And only you see this red text.


If the room has an additional Impostor, you will also see that person’s name turn red, in a room with up to 3 Imposters. Okay, now let’s start destroying and killing.


When you first enter the game, all will gather at the table as shown below, there is a red button. Click on that button to alert everyone that someone has died or suspected an impostor.


In the room, you will see the hatch cover as shown below, press the button “Vent” to jump into the tunnel. These tunnels will open to other areas on the ship, press the arrow to move to another hatch cover. Only the Impostor can use these hatch covers.


If you are an Impostor, you will have to do a quest to pretend to be like any other normal person. The task notification bar will show up in the upper left corner.



After a few seconds, the Kill button will take effect, go kill the remaining guys in the room. When you kill someone, the Kill button will have a cooldown. So if you see two people standing in the same area, don’t kill people.

Click Sabotage you will see the areas on the map. The places with a red X are where the Impostor can close the door. If there are 2-3 Imposters, they can still use Sabotage even if they are dead.


When the Impostors break the ship’s Oxygen (O2) system without the others being able to fix it, they will also win.



If you spot a dead body, you can click Report to notify everyone that you’ve found a dead person and create a quick vote, regardless of whether you’re an Impostor or a regular person.

And a “vote” to “kick” you out of the room will soon take place, whoever alarms that person will have a speaker icon. You can click on any one to vote (green tick) to vote for that person out.

The number of people who voted will be displayed on that person’s head. And if the numbers are equal, no one will be kicked out of the room. If you do not have any data to justify to everyone, you can choose to skip voting. In addition, if the skip vote is more than or equal to the vote for a member, that member will not be kicked.

After someone is kicked out of the room, the rest will receive a notification whether the person kicked is an Impostor.

If you die, you will not have the right to vote to kick other players. You can still discuss with players with the same status as me, but voting cannot. In addition, you can still perform tasks in this spiritual state.

As long as the Crew members complete all the missions, they will win. So if you are not an Impostor then try to complete all the missions with the other Crew members.

There will be security cameras on board to help you keep an eye on other members. And once you suspect the impostor, you have to prove to everyone that he is the real Impostor to get people to vote to send him on a space trip.

  1. Conclusion.

Although newly released, Among Us has not received attention because of the graphics and slightly simple way. But those who play Among Us will realize that this is an attractive game and brings joy to players. Among us is not only entertaining but will train players with logical thinking, reasoning, and observation abilities. Although it has become very hot, at the beginning of 2021, Among Us has again become a decrease in revenue and players due to the slowness in updating the new version.


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