4 Unique Ways to Invite Your Guests to A Wedding

Planning a marriage is one of the most instigative and occasionally the most stressful times of your life. But the joy of participating in your love with friends and family makes all the hard work worth the trouble. We suppose planning a marriage should be a harmonious and delightful time. Your experience should be one you look back on fondly, and opting for marriage e-invitations in form of video, caricature, or celebrity invitation video can be an exciting idea

1. Digital Invitation Video

A marriage is a day to mark the togetherness of two people for the rest of their lives.  The families of both the groom and bride want to partake in their happiness with their close relatives and e-invitations. So, to invite them on this occasion, marriage e-invitation cards will help in doing that. Currently, people have come relatively advanced, and they are concluding video invitations. This marriage e-invitation video can be transferred to different people through emails or participated in social media spots. e-invitation for marriage, To make this wedding video e-invitation, the couple can take the help of the video invitation maker to get the most asked results.

The marriage digital invitation video will comprise different photos and romantic footage between you two.

2. Caricature E-Invites

You can get an e-invitation card with your animated mock on it, it brings out the oneness of you and your life mate if you still want to create something different.

Caricatures are huge when we talk about e-invitation for marriage. It is a sweet way to invite your guests or shoot the save-the-date invite to them with you and your other half’s faces drawn on the invite. Not only is it unique, but it will also get your guests in on the whole marriage vibe. Check out some of the e-invites that Lovely Wedding Mall has set up for you to bookmark for your special day!

3. E- Invite PDF

Getting an e-invitation card for the wedding in PDF form can be a stylish decision for you if your marriage is right around the corner. In addition to saving a penny, digital invites have a brisk response time that is stylishly suited for last-nanosecond plans. For more information please visit Article Scroll.

E Invite Pdf can be customized as per demand. Invite your closest and beloved ones with hassle-free digital invites.

You need to provide content in word layout to us. You can also fill in particular detail in the word layout provided by us. Send it to support@lovelyweddingmall.com

They will show you the first draft in 48 hours, and further editing is also included in it.

Once the final draft is done, they will provide you with an invite in jpg format, which can be broadcast through any social media.

4. Celebrity Video Invitation

The demand for e-invitation during the lockdown has increased drastically. The vacuity & accessible delivery of video calls, SMS, and emails has made it a desirable option. To take e-invitation to a whole new level; Lovely Wedding Mall has lately added celebrity video invitations to the long list of digital invitations.

Entering a substantiated e-invitation for marriage from their favorite film & TV celebrity will make them feel like one-in-a-million. This invite will hoist your buddies’ and relatives’ moods during your special day.

Can be used on social media

Society is different now from the one that was a decade ago, and today couples post on social media when planning a marriage. Back in the day, couples wrote particular notes on their marriage invitations. You can also use it to thank them for attending and participating in prints right after your special day! Everyone is different, so social media plays a different part in everyone’s lives.

Get Creative

When it comes to an  creating a design you love is incredibly easy. You can incorporate your marriage theme into your e-invitation with the color palette and the design to fit the vibe. You can indeed do multiple copies of the e-invitation before you settle on one.

E-invitations allow you to get creative with the styles!

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